Bagbear - Chapter 1

The Monster at the Bottom of the Garden.

Down at the bottom of Bobby Banks' garden; right past the woodshed and the cabbage patch, past the rough grass and then past the blackberry bushes, Bobby had spotted a large dark shape.

It looked half as big as a house and no one, absolutely no one but he, had noticed it Yet he had seen it every night for a week.

At the very same time of night, he would wake up and go and look out of his bedroom window.   

It had first happened on Sunday night; he had been happily asleep and dreaming when all of a sudden he found himself wide awake, just sitting there, wondering what to do with himself.  He had got up and pulled back the curtains to look at the stars - Then he saw it.

It was dark and round in the moonlight and he could see it clearly against the night sky.

Up and down it moved as it breathed in and out.                 -

In the morning he had run down to the Blackberry bushes to look for footprints; anything, that would give him a clue to what it had been.  But there was nothing, absolutely nothing, and what was worse, nobody would believe him.

And so it went on happening again and again, every night that week.

He had to find out what it was.  He just had to!

"Will you go and look?" he asked his mum. "It's just past the bushes."

"If I have the time," said his mother and carried on with her work.

"But you said that last night," said Bobby.

What would it take to get her to believe him? How could he get her to take him seriously, he thought.

He tugged at her arm again.

"It would only take a minute mum, honestly."

His mother stopped for a minute out of sheer desperation.

"No, not now Bobby!  Why don't you go and have a look yourself?"

"But I'm the one who has seen it.  Now I want you to see it; and anyway, it won't be there now.  I told you it never comes out during the day."

"All right, all right, I see I'm never going to get any peace until. I've looked at your" monster.  I'll have a look down there before I go to bed. Now is that all right?"

"No that's too early, you must go in the middle of the night. If you set your alarm clock for about 3 o'clock in the morning that would do it." said Bobby hopefully.

"3 o'clock in the morning!" Mrs Banks took off her rubber gloves and hung them on the dish rack with a quick flick.

"If you think I'm going to trudge about in the pitch dark looking for monsters in the middle of the night!   Oh!  What an imagination!"

"You see! You don't believe me" he sighed.

Mrs Banks wasn't really angry or shocked but she shook her head and made a pretend fuss.

"Bobby Banks!  You"'11 drive me crazy!  Now off you go and play and no more of this nonsense!"  She shooed  him out of the kitchen and went on with her work.

It was absolutely no use, thought Bobby, no use at all. Nobody would do anything. Now it was all up to him. Unless he did something about it, the mystery would never be solved. He would just have to prove to everyone that there was something there and there was only one way he could do that.  He would go and take a picture of it, all by himself. Then they would believe him.  They would have to. It would take a lot of planning but it would be worth it just to find out.

And find out he would!