Bagbear - Chapter 2

All Detectives need a plan

He didn't bother to mention it to anyone again. At school he was miles away, thinking about his plan, instead of concentrating on his lessons.

"Bobby Banks! Pay attention!" shouted the teacher. Bobby sighed. He finished his sums and put a piece of scrap paper inside the jotter. On it he listed all the things he would need and what he would do that night.

1. Torch from kitchen drawer.
2. Camera and flash light.
3. Large stick for defending myself.
4. Spare back-door key from shelf.
5. Leave warm dressing gown over end of bed.
6. Have slippers handy on chair.

Miss Fotherington looked up and saw him working hard.
"I'm glad to see you have snapped out of your daydream Bobby," she said as he closed his book and looked up at her. Bring me your sums," she said. Bobby whipped the piece of paper out quickly and stuffed it into in his pocket as he walked up to her.

"And what is that?" she said.

"Oh nothing Miss" said Bobby, stuffing it harder into his pocket.

"Let me see it" she said and held out her hand.

Bobby withdrew the crumpled list and handed it to Miss Fotherington.

"It's nothing Miss; honest," he said.

She slowly smoothed it onto the desk and read it.

It didn't make any sense.

A Large stick for defending myself “What is this?" she said.

By this time all the class were looking at him and giggling.

"It's nothing Miss. I told you, I'm just writing about things that I might keep in my room at night." said Bobby cheerfully.

"What do you want a, 'stick for?"

"1 like to be ready for anything Miss; I mean, a robber might break in or something."

"And the camera? Is that to take a picture of him?"

Bobby thought quickly.

"Emm, that is to catch Matilda, our cat, she jumps on my bed. I want to prove to mum that it isn't me that puts the marks on the bed cover."

She handed it back to him. "You just keep your mind on your work Bobby Banks," she said.

"Yes Miss," said Bobby and returned to his seat.

Later in the playground, some of his friends wanted to know what it was all about but he decided to keep it a secret. Things had a habit of getting out of hand. Someone, or something, might stop his plan and then he would never find out what it was.

During tea that evening he hardly said a word.
"You're very quiet," said his Mum.
"Just thinking," said Bobby but he never told her anything; not a word.

He gathered together all the things on his list and put them in his room. When everything was ready he got changed for bed without the slightest bit of trouble. His mother and father were very pleased with him and asked him if he wanted to stay up for an extra half an hour'.
"No thanks," said Bobby.
Nothing must be different, everything must be done in exactly the same order tonight so that he could be sure to wake up at exactly the same time in the middle of the night. Then he would look out of the window; then he would see the monster.

Then he would be ready!