'Getting the Message'

A poem for Christmas

By Ursula West - 'specially for Mum!


Did they look up and wonder what it was

That moved above them, silent, bright?

That seemed to stalk across the sky

A fine, clear target here below.


They worked beneath it, many men and women too, would pass it by

And chatter long about the day, their worries, frets and triumphs say.

"How are you sir?"  "O.K." and "How's the missus? How's the kid?"

While overhead a single point ; the tip of Heaven's message sent.


  And there in little village shed, lay mankind's future giving birth

Up there, they knew it, angels saw and shouted it to some below.

It would have happened anyway, that bright and glorious Christmas Day

but thankfully some eyes and ears were keen enough to say HOORAY!

  HOORAY! for Mercy and for us, that Heaven's child, born from above

Had come to bring the Light of Him, who made it all - to this world's din.


So while the festive's in full swing, Remember then the silent night

That still in silence will transmit, The gift of Life where 'ere we sit.


ญญญญ* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *