Where did we come from?
Where are we going?
What does the future hold?
Some ask the questions, some don't care
Others their thoughts don't share.


To those who ask, is the answer given?
To those who seek, do they find?
And those who knock at the great divide,
Do they see the other side?

Echoes of answers rumble in time,
written on parchment and stone.
Dusty books on the shelf of a vault
Forgotten and standing alone.

Computerised presses duplicate words
of every new theory and find
New and exiting answers emerge
Old knowledge is left far behind

Press on you courageous
press on you who seek
press on to your glorious goal
For something that's lost can always be found
searching is food for the soul

Science explores the world without
The mystic the world within
So what if the two were at last to unite
Wouldn't everyone see the light?