Pater Noster



Our Father, Our Father
Oh dear, it seems too unholy, irreverent
Abba, Father,
Jewish kids say ‘Abba’
Little children, throwing their hands up and outward,
Smiling or crying or excited, who knows!

“Abba, Abba!”

The excitement, love, trust, anticipation
No pre-thought, no hidden list of petitions.

Their wants immediate – that toy train, that big piece of cake
Right at the front of their mind, un-embarrassed, they blurt it out.

Papa, Abba, Daddy,
I want a lollipop or something or something else.
I want a hug
Or just – Papa, Abba, Daddy
And nothing else

Then the coy little look
“Daddy, can I have …..”
Or maybe ….
“Look what I made”
Or just a cuddle

He says, Our father
And the spirit makes us cry out ‘Abba!’

We stand, in secret, in an inner room
No one except us and Abba, Father,

We whisper
No need to shout
He turns to the one who addresses Him


We talk and are with him
Since no-one can whisper across a billion light years.
We are looked at
Abba looks, turns round
When we look at Him
He looks at us.

Two together.
He is in Heaven,
We say it,
“Who art in Heaven”
And in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye
We are there too.

Like Blind guests, we stand
Surrounded by Heaven
“Our Father who art in Heaven”
And Heaven swirls around us
Yet none, but Our Father
cares so deeply for the sight.

What stroke of our head
Do we not see?
What tender look
Can we not comprehend?
What acts of Forgivness
Does it take for Him
To look with love
When He sees our twisted souls

This is still the ‘HOLY ONE’
The Holiest of Holy!
Unimaginable Good
Unbelievably Pure
Magnificently Mighty

Our Father

So often cursed in public
By his very own.
We sigh, Holy, Hallowed, Blessed,
Held in the highest honour
That’s what your name should be

We are proud of Our Dad
And so we should be.
We should want him to be in charge,
really in charge
He is so Good, Just, Wise
Things would certainly be better then,
as they were intended to be.

But is it Father?
Is it how it was meant to be?
Doesn’t your Will create, order,
Sustain all things?

Thy Will be Done!
Oh yes, let it please be done!

I wish it, I wish it, I wish it.
If I keep wishing, it might rub off
They say,
‘If you wish for something hard enough,
It probably will happen’.

He smiles again.
One of his children understands.
He knows, oh yes, he does know,
How fickle this wishfulness is
But wishes and intentions grow

He knows, He waits,
He accepts, willingly, hopefully.

I wish everything on Earth
Was in order,
just as you willed it in the first place
Let it be done!
And a little is done
That very instant!

Who knows what?
Some atom, some movement, some piece,
falls invisibly into place

One Will, aligned,
Even for an instant, with His
“If you believe, without doubting, it will be so”

He smiles,
One step, one step.


© Ursula West 1999