Pick Me!

A short story by Mike West (written around 1993)

Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Keith Huddlestone and I am an astrological scientist. To begin with, let me inform you of the great importance of your choice which will indeed eventually lead to a vital section of the future I have in mind to restore. As you all must be aware by now, our planet is threatened by a vast spreading leak of radiation which has caused wide-spread panic across our illustrious planet 'Earth'.

If you pick me, to travel with the others to this new planet, I shall solve the problem that is plaguing our world.

When I am gone, I shall activate my decontamination pods which were sent to orbit our planet precisly 2000 miles apart from each other. To be precise, they were released two days ago.

When I have done this, they will release a gas into the Earth's atmosphere which will act as a type of solvent making our problem disappear in a matter of seconds.

The reason I must travel in this space-age vessel, is because the activator has been surgically implanted in me. Any attempts to remove it will result in the termination of both myself and the solution to your problem.

This is not a threat. This is a fact. I did this to prevent those who would misuse it from getting hold of it not to create further problems than existing ones.

Make the right choice!

The future of our planet depends on you!