Searching, searching, searching

Computer systems look and we must wait.

Searching, searching, searching

While messages are speeding through its heart

The still machine with furious speed within

Gives little clues, suggesting where its been.


Searching, searching, searching, in the earth

The man is bending, digging up the past

At last he's found it, yes at last, at last

One small bone that turns this way and that

Has yielded yet another clue and now

He can with certainty proclaim

He's found the answer, now he's almost sure


Searching , searching, searching, deep within,

the New Age guru tries to grasp

An energy that's hidden from our view

But now he understands, and its so plain

Its all so simple, all so neat and clean


The searching now takes on a labeled look

As plot, he will, the path so clearly laid

Old myths and faiths are now proclaimed parsť

It just needs practice, see its easy, see!

A book, a seminar or two

The Book of Truth he'll open up for you.


Searching, searching, searching, in the skies

The answer's out there, 'ope your eyes

And just to prove it, though perhaps we'll not,

The documentary makes a likely plot.

With video and evidence that's new

The author takes the viewer with his crew

To places that they daren't hope to go

And Lo! Behold! Uncover something new


So searching, searching, searching,, just to know

Ever changing models as we go

Searching, searching, searching for the truth

Of what is really real and what is 'foosh!',

And look we must or we won't live at all

Like air we breathe , we hear the question call.


It asks itself with pulse of steady rate

That's silenced only when our search we make

And when the sketchy answers calm it down

A little while it asks us 'why' again


And so the scholars, gurus, men of science,

Find willing listeners ready with their ears

And on we journey with them, hand in hand

And take the go, go, round to Wonder Land.


© By Ursula West