Without Jesus, the Universe is empty
Without Him, who can we laugh with,
Share with,
Fly with,
Among the stars.

  Dive into the pools of microns,
Sweep past the streams of matter,
travel light years in seconds,
See exploding galaxies,
Witness the dark spaces,
Listen to the silence,
hear the thunder of a planet,
Dance in the glistening rings of dust.
See the colour of Saturn,
a tree, a flower, a stream a mountain,
on some distant planet.

  All is nothing without Him,
His laughter as He watches us play,
and take control of our world,
Our Universe,
Our heavens,
Our Earth.

  It was all His.
We are His playmates,
His friends, His co-heirs to Kingdoms
Un-thought of,
as yet un-seen and un-visited.

  What? to be like a particle of dust?
Not sharing the joy of being?
Being here,
Being alive,
Being able to know
whatever we can know
whatever we can comprehend
all that is around us,
a part of us,
of the same atomic dust
Yet with his Spirit see it all
Discover it anew
for me, for you, for all of us.

  Unfolding gift from Him
With Him .... and .....
In Him

  Beating in the heart of the Universe
His Father, Our Father
Sees it all
But still takes time to visit
from behind our eyes,
sees the wound from a small remark
which no one save the wounded
even noticed.
Prompts the offender to take note,
the offended to forgive
Of these things, worlds are made!

  At these invisible yet weighty moves
a creator looks and waits
with baited breath
For healing
Urging them to re-establish
Open channels
The path, the way between man and man,
the reason for all of this
The river of life
His life
Precious and ever creating.

  Perhaps the Universe is here,
between us.
We are the Universe, the stars
The specks and points of light
seen from empty space
Ever flowing life
Interrupted only by the choice
To Hate or Love
To Live forever in the joy of Being
Him and Us.

Ursula West