By Thomas West ( Aged ....???)

One day the Wire Men were lying in their back yard when Freddy Wire Man said,

“Well, what shall we do today?”.

Tommy said, “Lets have an adventure. We'll go to the sports centre.”

“That's a great idea,” said Frankie. So off they went.

It was fun on the way to the sports centre because they were going by car. It was ten wire miles and it was a very long way.

When they got there, they went straight to the pay desk and they all gave in twenty pence. They saw lots of famous people there. There was Duncan Good-wire, Barry McWire, Frank Wire, Dennis Wire and out on the racing track there was Sebastian Wire and Steve O'Wire. There was Tessa Wire, throwing the javelin and lots more.

Frankie said, “I like tennis myself.”

Tommy said, “Why not become a tennis player.”

“That's a good idea,” said Frankie. “I'll start training right now.”

“No,” said Tommy “you'll have to go and ask if there's anyone to teach you.”

“All right,” sid Frankie, “but who should I ask?”

“Go back to the pay desk and ask there.”

So he went back to the pay desk and asked and there was somebody who could teach him, so they set about training him.

A few days later he was a professional tennis player and it was time for the big match. Frankie against John McEnwire.

It was the big day now. Frankie was getting some last words of encouragement in the changing room

“Tom said, “It's time to start the match.”

So Frankie went out onto the court. It was John McEnwire to serve. He lifted the ball, let go and hit it right in the middle of his racket. It went at such a speed but Frankie hit back.

The game went on for a long time but it game to the stage where it was match point to Frankie and it was his serve. He hit the ball. t went into the net.

“Second serve,” said someone from a speaker.

This was it! If Frankie got this point, he would win the match.

He served. John McEnwire tried to hit it but he couldn't. Frankie had won!

They both shook hands. There was cheering and clapping. Frankie received a gold cup.

He felt the happiest Wire Man in the world.